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About Us

Welcome to Fore Season Indoor Golf

Geno and Elisabeth Echevarria

We are Geno and Elisabeth Echevarria, the owners of Fore Season Indoor Golf. We look forward to meeting you at Fore Season where we are open for business seven days per week and where the weather is always perfect.  Give us a call at 207-489-9016 to set up a tee time or participate in our leagues, scrambles or tournaments. Keeping your swing going through the winter will make a huge difference in your spring golf game.  We hope to see you at Fore Season Indoor Golf soon.


Jerry DiPhilippo

Jerry Di Philippo, our Teaching Professional has 25 years of playing and teaching experience. Jerry played all over the country on the Nike Tour in 1995 and won the Maine Open Championship that same year. Jerry also earned the State of Maine Championship twice and the Boston Open twice. Having had to lay low prior to his hip replacement two winters ago, he came back with gusto and broke course records at the Bethel Country Club and Inn as well as on his home course at the Portland Country Club.

Jerry has remarkable teaching skills. His ego does not get in the way while teaching. That makes him more effective than most golf professionals. In addition, taking lessons inside a simulator is a fabulous way to learn or improve your golf. The simulator gives students instant feedback on every shot made – speed, loft, angle, distance, you name it. Also, the lessons are truly private – it is just you and the teaching professional inside that simulator.  To schedule a lesson with Jerry please call him on his cell phone. That number is (207) 712-7735.   


Wilma and Bjorn, the Swedish Vallhund's


Wilma and Bjorn our Swedish Wallhunds are hanging out at home waiting for the Indoor Season to begin.......they both love people and look forward to seeing you during the Indoor Golf Season.